Digital Modes “bug” update

If you are into digital modes, you have no doubt have heard about the Texas Instruments chip issue (which they have acknowledged) that was brought to light by Jon, KD9DAL, that affects amateur radio digital modes using the Signalink or built in USB “soundcard” in various ICOM, Kenwood and Yaesu radios and interfaces. Here is the video that explains what the bug is and how to fix it:

Click Here to go to K3RRR’s site with the updated text (and a 15 point checkup) to go along with the new video. Here is the original findings by Jon, KD9DAL.

I’ll have the files posted shortly that are mentioned in the video (oscilloscope & level meter).



Old site hacked…

Got a note from my provider ( “When we conducted a routine scan for your account ‘XXXXXXXX’, we found the malicious or infected files. We have uploaded a file named ‘list.txt’ within the stats directory of your account which contains the full list of files.”

179 to be exact. Most were old original files from my earlier WordPress installation, old dates. Not sure why the scan took until now to pick them up. Others were newer files but they all had the same “type” filename. So when you go deleting files like “function.php” and other types in WordPress etc., you tend to have a non-working site after it was all “said and done”.

Going to change the theme when I decide which one.


2015 Field Day – New IC-7200

Well 2015 Field Day is approaching and I’m the captain of the digital station. My personal HF station has been down for about 6 months now due to antenna issues and me not able to climb my tower to fix those issues. Well I did manage to climb on Sunday as black clouds where looming south of my QTH as a thunderstorm was heading my way. I pulled the Icom AH-4 down from the 45 foot mark down to the ground so I can get a look at it and see what’s wrong. Was going to put up my Cobra Senior but it seems that my ropes and pullys in the pine trees have some issues… like me not being able to lower the AH-4 wires down and pull the Cobra Senior up. Weather turned to crap shortly after I brought the AH-4 down so the Senior install will be another day (maybe today!)

Once the antenna is up, I plan on trying out my new toy… IC-7200 Camo Edition. Don’t know why but I’ve had a thing for this rig ever since I saw the first one down in Orlando at Hamcation. Gigaparts is the only supplier that has the painted versions available and only those are available now for some reason. Do a search for IC-7200 and all major suppliers are out of stock. Supposed to be a “parts supply shortage”. Who the heck knows…

This is a good rig for digital ops which I mainly operate so I’m going to be testing it out before Field Day. Have to get use to not having to hookup a Signalink USB device like I use on my IC-756ProIII and IC-718. Now that I have this rig, I’m going to have to cull out some of my Icom stock. Currently I have 2 IC-718 rigs, IC-746Pro, IC-758ProIII, IC-703 QRP rig and an ICOM M-710 marine rig for Amateur use.

I will have to say that I have ordered quite a few things in the past few weeks and I have nothing to say but good things about ordering on-line from both GigaParts and HRO. All the orders were at my doorstep within two days of my order and both provided updates via email. Nice to do business with those folks!

I’ll report back later when I’m on the air!



There is a group of folks (most are non amateur radio operators) who have taken to experiment with beacons on 22 meters (around 13.560 Mhz). This is an unlicensed area of the bands that the FCC allows you to experiment with different modes (QRSS, WSPR etc.), transmitters etc. It’s only authorized for extremely QRP power… we are talking about 5mw or so. There are 3 or so bands for this kind of experimentation and the bands are commonly referred as LowFer, MedFer and Hifer depending on what part of the HF spectrum band you are operating. You can go to my other site, to see the actual Part 15 rules. I just started the page so there is only one page at the moment. I’ll have more to post shortly.

Currently I’m building my “HiFer” station. I’m using an Icom IC-703 as the transmitter and currently building an attenuator to bring the power level down to less than 10mw. Starting off I’ll be using WSPR since this mode is an excellent QRP mode. I’ll be feeding this to a dipole about 34 1/2 feet in total length, around 40 feet up. Still deciding on how to feed it, ladder line or coax. Will be interesting to see exactly how much power will radiate.


Just added DutchStar WinDV files due to his site being down.

Just added DutchStar WinDV files due to his site being down. Click on Documention & Files from the above menu to see the latest files. Windv-1.5.8p3 is the latest. WinUSB driver file has also just been added.


Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Mk2

I’ve got a toughbook for sale. Here is copy from my ad on QRZ:

Up for grabs is a refurbed by me Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 mk2.Model: CF-29EWKGZKMSerial: 4KKSA70364. These were surplus from the department that I work for. I loaded a fresh CF-29 restore and basically it’s right out of the box as for performance. Includes the touchscreen, wi-fi etc.

Does not come with a CD or DVD drive. These had the floppy drives installed to prevent officers from installing their own junk on them. Does include the power supply.

RAM 512k expandable to 1.2 Gigs
HD 40Gig
Intel Wi-Fi

Of course this is surplus so there are some blemishes on the top case and underneath carrying handle. There is also some scratches on the screen cover. This can be replaced and no more scratch. I have full pictures on my website that you can view of the actual laptop.

I’m looking for $250 delivered (CONUS). Guaranteed not DOA. I think you will be pleased.

I’ll have others for sale soon.

Pictures here


KPC3 and KamPlus 8.2 ROMs & 512K Memory available

Several folks have contacted me to ask me if I had the firmware and memory that I had for sale on ebay. As you know, Kantronics doesn’t support anything below the KPC-3Plus anymore. So the answer is yes I do!

As the title says, I have some used KPC-3 8.2 and KAM PLus 8.2 firmware available as well as NEW 512K memory (SRAM) for the above.

I also have the KWM-1200 TNC. This is the commercial version of the KPC-3 Plus. They currently have the Commercial firmware (which allows polling) installed but I’ll install the KPC firmware if you so desire. You will still get both firmware. Also the memory has been upgraded to 512K. The price on these is $150 delivered (CONUS).

Prices are $25 each with free shipping (CONUS). If interested or have any questions about the items above, email me here: mycallsign @

[GRIN] I’ve actually had some send to and not MY REAL CALLSIGN KD4MOJ. [/GRIN]

If you want to see my feeback you can find my 100% status! Click Here.


Now streaming the Tallahassee Airport (KTLH)

At the suggestion of a pilot friend (N4143U) of mine, I started steaming audio from the Tallahassee Regional Airport, KTLH. Currently streaming Tower, Arrival, Departure and Gound frequencies. There is an android and IPhone app for the streaming from You can also listen live via your browser, Java or MP3 player. Here is the link to the KTLH page.

I’m about 3 air miles due north of KTLH and I can pick up aircraft on the Ground most of the time. My goal is to get my setup to pick up Ground 24/7 since Ground is the worst case scenario as far as receiving is concerned.

Currently the setup is a is:

  • Radio Shack Pro-2026 scanner
  • Diamond X-50 2/440 antenna @ 75 feet.
  • Streaming software provided by Dave @

Future (real soon now) goes for changing the hardware:

  • Upgrade radio to Icom IC-2200. This radio has excellent RX on the air band
  • Homemade VHF ground plane antenna cut for the middle of the air band (125-126 abouts)

  • VHF yagi cut for 122.0 Mhz for optimal Ground reception for airplanes on the tarmac. This antenna is custom made by Tim at ArrowAntennas.Com. The web page shows the 2 meter version but Tim will build air band for a nominal charge.
  • Preamp if needed after all these changes.

Update: The new support site for streaming is

That about sums it up at this point I guess. If you happen to listen via the app or through the live web page drop me a note.